last post of the night :) heh also last time im gonna say this - happy 19th birthday justin i love you.


@j14magazineOur #ThrowbackThursday goes to tomorrow’s #BirthdayBoy @JustinBieber at his @J14Magazine shoot back in 2009! #tbt #babybieber

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happy birthday justin

wow ok i cant even you’re 19 now fuck time’s going by so fast and i can’t keep up but i know you aren’t going to see this but i hope you have a sick ass day and enjoy every second of it. your teenage years are one of the best years in your life and i hope you cherish it. i can’t even describe how proud i am. you’ve come SO far its fucking insane. you literally make me so proud and im so happy i picked you as my idol bc u da flyest and dont even get me started about puberty like wtf happened to my baby lol time’s ticking by and im not worried one bit cus i know you’ll stay as you are; humble, down to earth, and like everyone says, kidrauhl. i sound so fucking sappy but i just had to make this before i sleep lol. god words cant even describe how much i love you. you’re 19 and growing. i hope you have fun celebrating tonight and enjoy your teenage years baby. you’re only young once so cherish it. make mistakes, learn from them, and enjoy life. thank u for everything justin. you make me so happy and i cant wait to meet your flawless ass. i love you to saturn and back cus saturn is farther from the moon. ((yeah bitches i went there)) but ya. i hope u never change. stay as you are and HAPPY 19TH BIRTDAYYYY JUSTINN DREWWW BIIEEEEBBBBBBBBBEEEEERRRR!!!!!!!! XO :)

- Marge (@Bieberzilla)


Just some of the most iconic moments that have happened between Justin’s last birthday and now….I honestly can’t believe that he’s already 19. Although, this isn’t as bad as 18…when he turns 20, I’ll be an emotional wreck. Anyways, to Justin, I hope you have an amazing birthday and get shit-faced (just kidding), but just live it up (dont do anything you’ll regret lmfao), and I love you so much bby!

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oh hey

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It was ‘94 the year that everything started to change from before… HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!

happy bday baby ilysm

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Happy birthday Justin, I can’t believe you’re 19 already. I’m so proud of you, how far you’ve come. You should definitely be proud of all the things you’ve accomplished, especially before the age of nineteen. Thanks you for being such an inspiration to us all. We love you so much!

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